Things to do

There's plenty to do At Willow PondWould you just like to stay put once you get here? Take a hike, ride a bike, stroll around the pond, or get out your fish pole and try to catch a big one. Float around on the paddle boat or rowboat, pitch horse shoes, raid the cookie jar, take a nap in the hammock, feed the horses a carrot, take the dog for a walk, lower your blood pressure with a cat on your lap while you sit on the porch swing and enjoy the view, raise it a bit by challenging your companions to ping pong or a game of darts. Take it down a notch and work on a puzzle, play dominoes, backgammon or one of the others games you find on the shelf, watch a video, or just take a nap.

In winter, bring your skis and go cross country skiing, try out our snowshoes, relax in the hot tub when you get back, or just curl up by the fireplace with a good book. Look for stars with our telescope on the back porch, toast marshmallows over the fire, or just sit and listen to the night sounds. Explore the 7000 acres of nearby state land, or just sit on the porch and watch for deer and other wildlife to cross the property and see how many species of birds you can count.

Year round, don’t forget we have onsite spa services available, from massage to rejuvenating body treatment to a citrus body polish and more.