More than Romance

by Innkeeper on September 11, 2011

While love and romance are wonderful things, there are many other reasons for a B&B stay. Here At Willow Pond, folks often come to the area to pursue interests or sport a little out of the mainstream (horseback riding clinic, dog trials and car racing) and greatly appreciate the opportunity of the comfort and hominess we can offer at the end of a long day outdoors enjoying their activity of choice.

We often have “horse people” staying with us. A horse farm in nearby Carson City has regular riding clinics for those who show their horses and compete in dressage. We have become the second home for them, as some participate in these clinics quarterly, and others come monthly for extra lessons. While our current visitors board their horse at the clinic during their stay, we can also easily accommodate those traveling with horses right here on our property. Of course, guests of At Willow Pond can also schedule a trail ride with our horses during their stay.

Heading out for a ride.

Recently we hosted a group of dog enthusiasts who came to Fenwick for field trials held to showcase the skill of their Retrievers.  While we cannot accommodate pets inside the inn, we do allow dogs on the property. This worked out perfectly for these folks, who have their vehicles rigged as ‘second homes’ for their dogs, with air conditioned, insulated kennels built right in. Their dogs are quite used traveling this way, and just wanted the opportunity for a little exercise and bathroom break at the beginning and end of the day. We barely heard a peep out of these amazing dogs who were quite content at the end of a long day of showing off their skill at bird retrieval, to bed down in their kennels, while their owners relaxed together and talked over the day’s events. We also hosted a dinner for the group who stayed with us, as well as other judges of the field trials—what a great group!

Only 20 minutes away from Grattan Raceway, we also host guests with ‘a need for speed’.  They have many events at the track throughout the summer months, such as clinics for those who want to learn or improve their racing skills, amateur races, classic car races and motorcycle races.  (Once, Paul Newman even rented the whole track for his personal use!) We had a couple come for one of their beginner racing clinics in matching “his and her” souped up Porsches.  Mike, who teaches advanced driving skills to police officers, loves to come every year and race his fantastic little yellow sports car (sorry Mike, can’t remember what you drive!) We were so sorry to see Don crash his vintage Volkswagon and have to go back home disappointed.

Hunting season is just around the corner. Any hunters out there tired of roughing it? We are right next door to over 7000 acres of state land managed for wildlife. You would probably have an easier time getting your wife to share your interest in hunting if you stayed at a B&B! We’ll send you out with a thermos of hot coffee and have a full country breakfast waiting for you when you get back in.

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