Peaceful Pond?

by Innkeeper on May 22, 2011

At first glance (the glance I take first thing every morning when I get up), the pond is smooth as glass and so peaceful. But even on a quiet Sunday morning, our pond is a happening place. Our young ducks, raised with this years new baby chicks, were first put out on the pond only a couple of weeks ago, but they have quickly made it their own. They can glide across the pond with barely a ripple, but they can also revel in diving and splashing, or chattering their way around the edges of the pond, nosing in the muck for their food. They are often joined by wild ducks we think might be nesting back in the swamp, and very noisy honking geese who fly in to spend the day on a regular basis this spring.

Our peaceful pondOur new ducks

Beneath the surface, the bass and bluegills are already bedding, faithfully guarding their nests from predators. The Purple Martins, who are are also nesting and getting ready for babies, are always at the pond swooping the surface for bugs–thanks guys, for keeping the mosquito population down! Take a walk around the edge of the pond, and a few steps ahead you’ll hear the plop of the frogs as they leap back into the pond–look out for those bass! The bird calls create their own symphony, from the many red winged black birds who enjoy our wetlands,to  the killdeer warning us away from the nest they build on the ground, and the beautiful calls of our pretty blue birds. Yesterday, as Jerome and I were enjoying the beauty of our pond, we were thrilled to see a Baltimore Oriole hopping from branch to branch in an apple tree, adding his wonderful song to our outdoor concert.  Come, enjoy our pond!

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