Willow Pond Residents (animals)

Four legged & winged friendsThe chicken park is where all the pretty ladies who lay the brown and green eggs our guests eat for breakfast spend their day scratching and pecking and enjoying the fresh country air. At night they head inside for the safety of their coop, next to the barnyard where our horses gather to be fed.

Sundance, (Sunny), although he is getting old, is the one in charge, and Duke knows it (and reluctantly accepts his lower position).  Handsome Duke and Sunny are both geldings, quarter horses, but Duke is also part Tennessee Walker.

The ducks will keep you company down by the pond whether you’re laying on the hammock, fishing from the paddle boat or having a picnic. You might see them visiting the chickens too.

Rounding out our menagerie are our cats, Midnight and Julius. They are the only animals to come in the house, but spend more time outside than in, doing their part by keeping down the rodent population. They love to greet and charm our guests, but are never allowed in guest rooms or in the downstairs guest area to accommodate for any guests with allergies.

We lost our beloved Rascal in the early summer, a Border collie mutt loved by many of our guests. Abandoned on the property as a puppy, he was here from the beginning, before there was even a house! I’m sure we’ll be ready for another dog one day soon, and will update here when we decide to add to our family.