Meet the Innkeepers

A few words about the InnkeepersJerome and Claire have discovered that the very best thing about being innkeepers is the guests! They love meeting new and interesting people every week, (and seeing previous guests return), and feel like they have made so many new friends since starting this business. They have discovered that B&B people are just the very best kind of people!

Jerome’s previous experience as a business owner made for an easy transition to innkeeper. He has a colorful history as a business owner, from running a home-based auto body shop to his many years as manager and flight instructor at the Greenville airport. He spent a couple years in the Bahamas working in construction before coming back to Michigan to build and maintain the home he and his wife Claire currently enjoy. Jerome has played the guitar since his teens, been a pilot since his twenties, and raises horses and chickens on the property. Jerome’s interests in music, airplanes, and horses are a theme in the common areas of the inn, and he is responsible for keeping the grounds and caring for the animals on the property. A favorite quote of his comes from Will Rogers, “There is nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse.”

Claire has always been an educator and her previous experience as a teacher connects well to the people part of innkeeping. She hasn’t let go of her passion for teaching though, as she continues teaching children’s literature to teacher education students at the college level. The balance in Claire’s life from the busy schedule of teaching has been the design and maintenance of the landscaping on the Vandenburg property. The more time and care she put into developing her home’s atmosphere, the more she desired to share the fruits of her labor. Claire is able to keep teaching part time, and with the B & B can legitimately spend time in the large vegetable garden and many flower gardens. You will see her interests reflected in the landscaping, and in the large children’s literature collection in her office. Claire will be the one creating the delicious breakfasts, cookies, and other goodies for guests to enjoy.

Claire and Jerome welcome you to come and share in the home and property they so enjoy, as you get away from your own busy life. Come rest, relax and be pampered while you enjoy the good country life here At Willow Pond.